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any advice for the beginning of this level? I can't keep all four timers green long enough to make it. Is there a good order to hit them in, or a way to get enough speed to bounce?

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joey1130 wrote:

..., or a way to get enough speed to bounce?

You bet there is... It's just a lot harder than it used to be. (In mym's original version of the level)



It will likely require angled acceleration to get enough speed.

If you don't know what that is, then you should just focus on getting the timing right.


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are there any more specifics? what I'm doing is not working at all


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somehow i made it up the first hill without bouncing. and this second part does not seem to be possible.. help please !


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Of course it all possible. It just takes lots of practice. You'll get there. It's often helpful to go back and start at the beginning of the levels and play through them, focusing on improving your times and coins records. Then, by the time you return to the one you are stuck on, your skills are much better, and its easier.


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I beat it.. now onto another seemingly impossible one lol


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Half the levels of myms seem to be impossible if you play them the first time, at least that is what I thought. On the other hand elvis levels are impossible wink

Have fun and the most fun is beating the levels the first time