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Topic: YES!

I completed all of the medhi levelset in one go. I have replays of the last three levels available for anyone who wishes to watch. Since they aren't extraordinary they can't be placed in the nevertable so I don't know where I would put them though.

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Re: YES!

If you ask nicely, I'm sure someone will offer you some space to share from. I am yet to make it through Mehdi Level Suite in one go, although I did come close once (close is a relative term). I remember when it took me three months on and off (maybe more) to finish a SINGLE LEVEL of MYM's. It was that silly moving glass box level - gack!

Skill levels definitely increase with prolonged exposure - ask anyone here, or on the nevertable.

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Re: YES!

I probably have space on gmail, I just have to figure out how to use it.

From reading around, I think the medhi level suite is different than the mehdi levelset that I am talking about (the one that comes with 1.4.0 and is on the nevertable). I am not sure though.


Re: YES!

accomplishing Mehdi's level set in 1.4 in one go is quite the accomplishment (moreso than in 1.5, where you only have to do 20 levels instead of all 25)

Way to go!
If you hold on to those replays, the next version of the Nevertable should allow users to upload personal replays (non-record replays) to share with other players.