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Topic: mehdi's 25... possible?!


Im in mehdi's 25. Is possible somebody win this level? I think not.

The mehdi's 24 is very hard too. No?



Re: mehdi's 25... possible?!

Uh... sure, is possible! I see it! smile

thk... bye


Re: mehdi's 25... possible?!

Welcome to the forum, jofilho!
Yes, as you can see, it really is possible. I used to think it was impossible or would take only incredible luck to finish it, but have since progressed in my skills to where I can finish it by doing tricks/ shortcuts/ etc in addition to the "regular" method through it.
It is definitely one of the hardest (and one of the most fun!) levels that Mehdi has ever made...
(And yes, level 24 is *hard* too. Nearly as bad as level 25...)