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Topic: Level 12 hard

Hey dudes! I found lvl 12 to be very fun, since theres so many ways to finish it!

Here is my speedrun record:

And heres one for the required coins (40):

Ya, it was too boring for me to pass the level the way i was supposed to smile

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Re: Level 12 hard

Impressive records... except I managed to beat your speed record by .53 seconds.
Edit: Also managed to get all the coins on the level.
Update: Beaten myself by another .15 seconds, bringing the total up to .68 seconds.

Welcome... to the Nevergalaxy!


Re: Level 12 hard

My new speedrun record is 3.33

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Re: Level 12 hard

Improvement. You're getting close to my personal record, you're still .19 second behind me though (I have 3.12s).

Had to go through some significant updates to get my replays online here.

Update: Forgot to include the time I have.

Welcome... to the Nevergalaxy!

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Re: Level 12 hard

Now im trying lvl 16 easy. Im getting close to the table record, which is 0.02''22 (Im 0.02''66)

EDIT: .59 smile

EDIT 2: .51

EDIT 3: .45

big_smile Closer and closer...


Re: Level 12 hard

That's the spirit! Keep at it and you'll get there!

(Neverball is way too much fun... I started out playing M25 for an hour last night, then another hour, then another, then another... I got some great freestyles, and a 2 A.M. killer headache.)