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Topic: Neverputt can mess up my task bar

Ubuntu 18.04, with Plasma KDE 5 
System clock shows local time (U.S. Central, Chicago)
Running NeverPutt in 1280 by 800 screen.   (Default is 800 x 600.)

Sometimes, when I run Neverputt, it messes up my task bar.  The items on the task bar point to the wrong processes, and the time of day is messed up.

For example, I am finishing a game as I write this. The time of day clock shows 12:33:09 PM, and is frozen.  It's actually 5:24 PM. The items on the task bar are these:

  • BOINC Manager -- correct

  • Chromium Web Browser --  has title "Comics Kingdom " and the name of a comic strip I viewed hours ago.  I am using Chromium to write this. The correct title, which is seen in Chromium, is "Post new topic -- Technical Support -- Neveforum -- Chromium"

  • System Monitor -- Correct

  • Inbox email (Thunderbird) -- links to NeverPutt

It just changed. Now, "Inbox" is correct, and "System Monitor" points to Neverputt.

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Re: Neverputt can mess up my task bar

This sounded like a KDE problem, not ours.

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Re: Neverputt can mess up my task bar

It may be a KDE problem, but as far as I know, it only happens with NeverPutt and NeverBall.


Re: Neverputt can mess up my task bar

When I wrote that example of the confusion about the task bar and  running applications, I failed to consider that clicking on an item in the taskbar can also cause the application's window to be minimized as well as restored and brought to the front.  So, the example is not necessarily accurate.

In one case, I had this problem when few other apps were opened. I was able to minimize and restore Neverputt by clicking on what appeared to be an empty space on the task bar.