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Topic: Neverputt can mess up my task bar

Ubuntu 18.04, with Plasma KDE 5 
System clock shows local time (U.S. Central, Chicago)
Running NeverPutt in 1280 by 800 screen.   (Default is 800 x 600.)

Sometimes, when I run Neverputt, it messes up my task bar.  The items on the task bar point to the wrong processes, and the time of day is messed up.

For example, I am finishing a game as I write this. The time of day clock shows 12:33:09 PM, and is frozen.  It's actually 5:24 PM. The items on the task bar are these:

  • BOINC Manager -- correct

  • Chromium Web Browser --  has title "Comics Kingdom " and the name of a comic strip I viewed hours ago.  I am using Chromium to write this. The correct title, which is seen in Chromium, is "Post new topic -- Technical Support -- Neveforum -- Chromium"

  • System Monitor -- Correct

  • Inbox email (Thunderbird) -- links to NeverPutt

It just changed. Now, "Inbox" is correct, and "System Monitor" points to Neverputt.


Re: Neverputt can mess up my task bar

This sounded like a KDE problem, not ours.

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Re: Neverputt can mess up my task bar

It may be a KDE problem, but as far as I know, it only happens with NeverPutt and NeverBall.