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Topic: Retire *Radiant in favor of Trenchbroom

Radiant family of editors are nice and all, but the problem with them is that you don't actually see how the level will look in engine without compiling it. With Trenchbroom it isn't the case. Both the editing and visualization is much easier there and since it's already Quake editor (and it's open source), you could in theory adjust it to output Neverball map data.

Really, what would you rather use?

Or this?


Re: Retire *Radiant in favor of Trenchbroom

darkhog wrote:

admin is a person who thinks people will just spam a forum for a random game that hasn't seen a new release since 2014

We've had problems with link-posting spam bots in the past. A lot of forums implement restrictions for new accounts or those with a very low post count.

I've added two of the links I assume you tried to include. Not sure what the URL for the image demonstrating the supposed crappiness of Radiant would have been.

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Re: Retire *Radiant in favor of Trenchbroom

Check your PM for the image in question.

My main issue with *Radiant tools is that you have to use those weird CAD views and can't build your levels in 3d, which for software that is supposed to help building 3d levels is a huge downside and productivity sink. Not true for Trenchbroom though (which I've used to make few Quake levels) which is a much better editor and that's why I'm proposing switching to it over *Radiant.


Re: Retire *Radiant in favor of Trenchbroom

I looked at Trenchbroom a couple of years ago. At that time my impression was that they only support Quake engine games with some historic limitations regarding file formats and image sizes.

Our current setup is dead simple: get Netradiant and select Neverball in the list. If Trenchbroom can approach that, I'm interested, but I don't have time to investigate.


Re: Retire *Radiant in favor of Trenchbroom

Someone on IRC said that current TrenchBroom master branch should have improved support for Neverball:

"it should basically be a matter of: move "Neverball" from games-testing to games, start TrenchBroom, select Neverball's data directory (not the game executable directory because Linux distributions rearrange things), and it should work"


Re: Retire *Radiant in favor of Trenchbroom

This is cool.

Somebody has actually made a Neverball "gamepack" (not sure what these are called in TrenchBroom lingo).

It's surprisingly detailed. … 41b28f628e

I'll have to check it out again.


Re: Retire *Radiant in favor of Trenchbroom

Ooh a new level editor. I'll check this out. I never got into making levels because Radiant wasn't very intuitive and was more focused on Quake.