Topic: Favorite level

What is your favorite level?My favorite level is Neverball Medium Bonus Level 3,penmas "nevercoaster",All level of freeland hard,All levels of Nevermania, and epsy first level,and Neverball hard bonus level V.

lazy to add more level links.
I am a Neverball expert and I created bunch of levels.


Re: Favorite level

    My favorite levels are: Hard III (and Reshaun's remix), Hard V, Tones I, and the main levels from my set that are divisible by 4 (as well as III).

http://neverforum.com/fmpbo/viewtopic.php?pid=34398  The Levels Are Here!!!

Name pronounced /tʃə.ˈmɑd/ ("chuh-mod") followed by the digits "seven zero zero".


Re: Favorite level

I especially like levels offering courses with more or less acrobatics. I hate labyrinths (they paralyze me).