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I have completed all Extreme IV levels now. Noticed that the long ramp in "Boxes" got replaced by an ascending platform, it's much easier that way, finished it on my first attempt but still took some 15 minutes...
Good decision to replace "Steep" which was way too easy for this set and to add a harder one just like "Mountains2" (enclosed my fast-unlock replay for this). "Tiltedlift" and "Dive" are still among my personal favourites. The only level I don't really like is "Ultimate" which is lengthy but not so challenging in a way and therefore - at least for me - just doesn't feel like a proper conclusion for an otherwise outstanding set.

Enjoyed it a lot and hope to see more levels of such decent quality in the future ...guess KodeBreaker will be next to provide us with wink



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Re: Neverball Extreme

Thx for the feedback @dtb. I also found boxes to be easier with the long slope removed

Download the Neverball Extreme Tetralogy at http://neverforum.com/fmpbo/viewtopic.php?id=3276 or on my website.