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Topic: technique for reducing distraction

here is a technique that should hopefully reduce partially or just abt completely distraction if you are trying to focus in an area with particularly distracting noises around you, such as one with a lot of conversation:

1. put on earbuds just enough so they donot fall out of your ears

2. put on earmuffs with deep ear sockets, to push the earbuds into the sockets a bit

3. reach in and push the earbuds as far back as possible

4. on https://asoftmurmur.com/, turn to full volume the first 5 sounds (rain, thunder, waves, wind, fire). i turn off the other sounds, because they make a less homogeneous sound

5. in Audacity, go to "generate > noise ..." and choose "pink" noise and set the duration to 10 min

6. play music, with or without lyrics, that you can tune out easily

7. turn up the sound on the computer you are at really loud, tune out the 3 soundtracks playing at the same time, and you will hopefully feel less distracted & more focused

because the earbuds are dislodged into the earmuffs, you can have the sound quite loud to reduce distraction without really worrying about hurting your ears smile

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