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Topic: nb textures made with mspaint!

hey guys

i finally did a bit of a thing i said i would do in this thread! i made some nb textures with mspaint! this first time i used winxp version of mspaint. the "secret" commands in the linked thread and the ones on wikipedia make mspaint quite more useful than what meets the eye. i found that a technique for blending colors together to get a more nb-like quality is to save your .bmp or .png files as .jpg files. then in the .jpg copy of the file the lossiness (or whatever term) of jpeg adds interesting blended colors.

i think some of the textures namely the purple spirals seem kinda grainy

i added screenshots of test lvls with my new textures

EDIT 9/23/18: i ch'd attachment "iti_mspaint_nbtextures_zipped9_5_18.zip" to "iti_mspaint_nbtextures_zipped9_5_18_mod9_23_18.zip" . the only diff is i made a folder "textures/mtrl" in the .zip file so you can put the .zip file in the data folder and nb will detect the textures automatically.

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