Topic: X-Moto, great OpenSource game

I've discovered this game some weeks ago, and I had a lot of pleasure playing it.
It's a clone of Elasto Mania.
It has its own level editor, and I've just seen paxed have done some nice levels in the last X-Moto version (0.1.8), thx paxed smile I hope you'll make more levels for this fun game.



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Cool that you mention X-Moto! I discovered it last week in the debian-games and installed it right away. It's very neat.
Of paxed's levels I especially like 'delta'. And just when I thought about, how cool it would be being able to save a replay like in neverball *whap* it got implemented in 0.1.8 :-)
It would be nice if a community like the nevertable/forum develops around this game. It looks very promising.


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Yes, I downloaded it while still using Linux (g*damn son of a ^%*@) but didn't get around to playing it.

I might have a look if it is ported to Windows. I play a very similar game on Windows called Trials, which is a lot of fun, and very hard in the later levels...

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teh community is prtty normal nowadays

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