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I had an idea for a new challenge. I thought of it partially because I realized how much easier Neverball can be with camera rotation. Here are the critera:
  In trying to complete certain levels,
    *Start with one camera (I mainly have lazy cam in mind) and never switch from it.
    *Never rotate the camera.
    *Use the mouse the entire time.

Perhaps this would be interesting to try in Nevermania and Dave's Levels (excepting the angled acceleration ones of this set), since quite a few portions of these levels are probably awkward without camera rotation buttons.

I think this would be a good exercise for handling the ball in tricky movements. Example: Suppose you are rolling along a thin walkway with a sharp turn, using the mouse, and have lazy camera on. Somewhere along the line, probably at or after the turn, the camera angle would flip over, during which preventing a fallout would take skill.

Another example: To climb the spiral ramp at the beginning of Argentum 05, I tried using the mouse, lazy cam, and no cam rotations. This was greatly hindering, with the camera rotating rapidly and trying to flip over intermittently. hmm

Posting replays is encouraged ! ! !

--It the it

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Re: one cam only no rotation challenge

Interesting idea. I do excited with new features like camera rotation buttons. It will be easier to play and interesting with the camera rotation button. Yes it also be  a good exercise.


Re: one cam only no rotation challenge

Thx for idea