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What additional unfinished and/or abandoned sets exist besides the ones listed below?



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ED49’s Set, NeverHacker’s Set, and Penwielder’s Levels are unfinished.


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And It The It’s levels too,

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also there are Ervin's levels too  (cannot think of link off the top of my head tongue )   probably Static Juice's "Everyone's Levels"? Or this thread by ht-never?

If you decide to do replays of the levels in the main thread I use, you can probably expect changes to the brush arrangement in some levels (meaning different ways the ball could collide with things, diff paths to take, etc) and level additions/ order changes / etc. If you want things to be neat easy at the current time, you might want to use levels from threads other than my main one. One of these is an old thread. Or look at the list of threads in my profile page.

EDIT: I also remember NeverHacker's levels, Dawid8404's Set of Challenges, and ed49's various levelsets, and MrK's levels

There is also p2013125's levels but this is a 30-lvl set

It the it's level set: http://neverforum.com/fmpbo/viewtopic.php?id=2922
6/19/17: a bit of help needed here, plz: http://neverforum.com/fmpbo/viewtopic.php?id=2988

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