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Topic: Neverputt Suggestions

I am only here because I think Neverputt is perhaps the best small game I've played.  I especially enjoy it because it is perfect for an 80 year old to maintain hand eye coordination. and because it does not include any violence.   It could be better though.

1.   Any level of play included should be achievable.   There are holes which are quite impossible.  The inclusions of these types is pointless.    It should be possible to successfully complete any hole design.   When it becomes apparent that a hole is impossible the value of continued trying is removed.  No challenge.  No fun.

2.   To make the game more interesting the holes should be moved from time to time, just slightly, so that memorization of technique is less profitable.    Just small hole moves would add to the enjoyment.

3.  I do not care for the fact that on a particular hole that I have a problem with I have to wait until a new game to try again.   I would like to have instant replay of any hole at any time.   This would make it more interesting and fun.   Mind you I do not refer to the multi player mode wherein you can have up to four players.  This is NOT the same thing.   I would like a single player to have as many attempts at any one hole as desired.    This would help to achieve a personal best.

The most important consideration though is the elimination of holes that cannot be , even accidentally, played successfully.   There is no fun in trying for the impossible.

Neverball is also a good game but it would be easier for me if I could slow the action down a bit.   It's OK for kids as it is but not for we oldies. 

Thanks....   Old timer.

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Re: Neverputt Suggestions

Welcome to the forum jp42simm!

Idea 1: I do agree that there are some seriously difficult holes, particularly in the "insane holes" set (forgetting name). Neverball has an equivalent levelset, Nevermania. another thread on this topic

Idea 2: good

Idea 3: I think someone has asked for a feature where you could choose any hole at any time. You can actually do this with some sort of cheat mode. Similar thread

EDIT: I forgot to say for idea 2: According to my intuition there is a good chance that all of the holes of the "insane holes" course are possible. I think this course was created by poeple other than the original developer of the game, and, if so, I think the Neverball developers who make levels/holes "official" would have tested them.

I have solved most of the levels of the levelset Nevermania for Neverball; many of these did seem impossible for a good while, but then by looking at the Nevertable (a now defunct database where people used to upload replays), there were revealed certain tricks which made them possible. In this case, I think there would also be certain tricks needed to solve the "impossible" holes in Neverputt. These could be discovered by a player through experience or by looking on this forum for advice and/or replays. (Do replays exist for Neverputt?)

Good luck and neat to hear you are playing Neverputt to practice hand eye coordination!  smile

It the it's level set: http://neverforum.com/fmpbo/viewtopic.php?id=2922
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