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Topic: a suggestion

I have a suggestion for the game that is a camera mode that you can set a place where the camera is and it stays there. Heres an explanation

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According to something on the FAQ on the main Neverball page, this might break some aspect of the intended gameplay, or make one of these too easy.

I am thinking of an older version of the main page. I do not see this FAQ anymore  hmm  Maybe it would be somewhere in Github. If not, there always is WayBackMachine.

Someday I hope to try to program a new feature or something into Neverball. Your idea might be a good one to try?

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I believe the early versions of the game (like pre-1.0) had a camera that stayed in one spot and just turned to face the ball.


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i also agree(downside is the screenshot

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If anyone didn't understand me:  Set the camera somewhere pressing F4. If you have found the location press F4 again.
Then the cameara stays in the location.


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