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Hello everyone. I am an almost 17-year-old who began playing Neverball a few months ago. I like it, the first 8 Tones-levels are especially interesting.
But I would suggest to add a multiplayer mode and the option to jump a level if one can´t solve it in, let´s say 15 tries. I for instance solved Easy and Medium totally, but can´t jump level 2 in Rt. de Force, 11 in T. de Force, 12 in Hard, 4 in Nevermania and 9 in Tones. I tried it many-many times, but it´s too hard.

I am writing this from an internet cafe, and I am just here every few days or once a week, so I can´t reply fast.


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Re: About unlocking the levels

Hi genlando,

In Neverball 1.6 and in the newer Nuncabola releases (at least 178 and later) you can


look at this post to see how to unlock cheat mode. To my knowledge, this is sort of a debug mode. One thing it allows you do to is to choose any locked level in a set.

Speaking of skipping levels, you can see some thoughts on this thread.

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It the it's level set: http://neverforum.com/fmpbo/viewtopic.php?id=2922
6/19/17: a bit of help needed here, plz: http://neverforum.com/fmpbo/viewtopic.php?id=2988
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Re: About unlocking the levels

Thanks It the it,

I´ll try it out these links.  It seems to be much material here.
Note: Please don´t send me e-mails.
Okay, so I will try to find the title screen, and type that in. Thanks for the idea.

Bye, genlando

PS: Whatever that word on the margin means, I´m mostly offline, and I´m writing these from internet cafes in irregular intervals.

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Re: About unlocking the levels

Hi It the it,

I read the links you provided, and at first I didn´t knew, what "title screen" means. I thoought at first,
it meant to change the player´s name to "xyzzy". That didn´t work. Then I tried to hit the keys xyzzy at
the first screen. It didn´t work at first, but it turned out that I had the wrong keyboard layout.
Anyway, as I changed that, it worked.

Thanks for this tip.  Neverball makes so much more fun now!
I came to different conclusions about this. In Nb. Hard, I could solve more levels after jumping that 12.
On the other hand, in N.mania, most of the other levels are frustrating, too.

Of course I´ll try to solve the levels normally in the future, too, but this is a great help.
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Thanks and bye,  genlando