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I watched a video on YouTube of a speedrun of Neverball by protonspring1 (Forum won't allow me to post links), and I noticed that the goal and warp pads have different effects. The goals have upwards vertical streaks instead of stars, and the warp pads have tornado-like swirling streaks instead of squiggly lines. Was this only present in one version of Neverball, or is there a way to customize the look of the goal and warps to look like that?

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Re: Goal and warp pad effects

Hi camthesaxman,

I am 90% sure that the stars above the goals and the squiggles above the teleporters were present before Neverball 1.6.0 (thinking of 1.5.4), and that the vertical streaks and the swirling streaks are newer.

You could probably change the effects of the goals and teleporters in the newer version by copying their image files from the older version into the newer version.

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Re: Goal and warp pad effects

I've downloaded and compiled a bunch of different versions, and all of them (even as far back as the original from 2003) seem to have the starry goals just like the latest 1.6.0 version. None of them have the streaky goals.
It looks like the only version with the streaks and swirls that I can see is from protonspring1's videos, so I'm thinking it might be something custom. I wonder what he did, though. It looks really cool.

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Re: Goal and warp pad effects

Intermittent development versions of Neverball had a temporary effect for the goal post. Protonspring most likely based off of those commits when he attempted to pass off his "TAS" plays as legitimate runs.

Likewise, when I first started my own custom build, Neverball Clockwork, it also used the streaky goals because it was also based on an intermittent commit. I continue to base it on the latest development code, when the goal effects have since been reverted.

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Re: Goal and warp pad effects

Interesting. I wonder why they decided to change it back. I figured protonspring1's runs were tool assisted. There's no way a human could do those Nevermania levels at normal speed.

I started playing this game about half a year ago, and it's my favorite open source game. The physics engine is just spot on (Neverputt has some issues, though), and it looks beautiful. I actually found out about Neverball from reading the Wikipedia article for Super Monkey Ball, which gave it a brief mention.


Re: Goal and warp pad effects

I am not entirely certain the reasoning behind the goal changes.

Still, I enjoy the new teleporter animations. It would be cool if Neverputt could benefit from these as well on their teleporters, but I have never been able to figure a working solution for that enhancement.

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Re: Goal and warp pad effects

I've created a branch in my fork called fancy_goals_teleporters which adds those streaky effects to the latest development version. It does introduce a small bit of slowdown for me in levels with a lot of goals and teleporters, but it's not terrible. If you have graphics hardware that's anything close to modern (unlike me), then it shouldn't be an issue at all.