Re: We are back - Thank you vidski

This particular issue is all CSS, which means it’s a quick fix for any CSS guy who’s familiar with PunBB. To avoid having a bunch of template files, punbb does the whole entire theme/style in one big css file.

From a software performance perspective it helps keep things simple.  All these ‘xyzBB’ forums, this is the quickest most lightweight one I’ve worked with... that’s for damn sure. Problem is I’m not much of a css guy, and with everything in one big file, it means the many mistakes I’ll most certainly make trying to pinpoint where I need to edit will be seen all over the whole forum.  Might get ugly...


Re: We are back - Thank you vidski

The relevant code bit is:

<div class="attachments">
    <strong id="attach31561">Post's attachments</strong>
        <link to the attachment>
        &nbsp;12.7 kb, file has never been downloaded.&nbsp;

So, you will need to edit the colors for:


and maybe for the link

.attachments a

You should be able to copy stuff from


for it to look decent enough.

I found those in the .css:

.entry-content .quotebox,.entry-content .codebox
        margin:.75em 1em;
        padding:1em .75em
.entry-content .codebox
.entry-content .quotebox,.entry-content .codebox

Try adding


to the end of the last two of those - that might be enough.


Re: We are back - Thank you vidski

Great work on the new forum icons smile