Topic: Different sounds for texture

To Increase the realism of the game, I have an idea.
each collision of the ball is always the same sound, unlike when resized, But if each different texture modifies the original sound?

  • Example : Hit the ball to the texture turf-green , softer sound or less reverb. cause the impression of real grass .

  • Hitting the ball with the texture of wood would sound more sharp and resonant , hit the cement texture ( drier sound)...

I think you could modify the file that goes along with the texture and place the parameters that modify the original audio

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Re: Different sounds for texture

That's a good idea.

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Re: Different sounds for texture

Yeah +1 to that.

We've all seen N.H. make some crazy and borderline incomprehensible posts, but this is definitely not one of them.

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Re: Different sounds for texture

I believe in the past ,we not us understood hmm

Now I have more objective ideas , I'm glad you liked my idea , as always an idea ... I have no technical or informatic knowledge to make something like this.
Would be nice to have someone take this into account and intends to finalize... It would be nice big_smile

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Re: Different sounds for texture

Ok! This would be a cool feature

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