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I (and especially my daugther) love this game. I would like to write a tablet connection, so one can use a tablet as input device.

My plan is to communication the orientation data of the tablet via network to neverball. Let's see, if the latency is acceptable for that. Currently I plan to try it out as a quick hack, but if it works out I might try to integrate it nicely into the existing code.

Before I dig down into the code myself: can you point me to a file/function where the input of neverball gets evaluated and the additional input could go in? Any other hints that might be helpful?

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Re: Tablet as Input Device

Hi! A while ago I had a similar idea but using a phone instead. What I would have done is write a new "tilt" backend for Neverball, in the style of share/tilt_wii.c, probably using SDL2_net for networking. It should be fairly straight-forward, the app on the other side is what'll take most of the effort.


Re: Tablet as Input Device

Thanks a lot for the hint. It will definately come in handy!

With my limited time budget it might take some time until I get things working.

I will keep you posted.


Re: Tablet as Input Device

I found some time this weekend and now have a working prototype (Cool smile. You can see it on my github fork: tinyurl.com/pwfg8dy

Compiling the android App best works with AndroidStudio, but should probably also run stand-alone. The only thing you have to adapt is the IP adress currently hard coded in OrientationSensor/app/src/main/.../MainActivity.java

On the neverball side I have merely added a tilt_network.cpp with a real simple network interface.

The whole thing is not perfect (e.g. replacing TCP by UDP and smoothing the movement should be a good start for improvement) but it works and makes kinda fun!