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Now that 1.6.0 has been released, I have 2 major irritations which have bugged me since I started playing several years ago, which I would like to see addressed.  To wit:

1.  Worst irritation is lack of ability to change the camera angle, at least minimally, UP and DOWN.  How hard would it be to add some code so that we could get at least the ability to shift the camera up and down somewhat, perhaps using the up and down cursor keys?  Especially irritating on more complex holes when its difficult to see where I'm at, or where I'm going.  PLEASE HELP!

2.  Add a "do-over" option for holes, at least in the single-player mode.   Better yet, add a PRACTICE mode on each set of holes which would include the "do-over" option for individual holes.  A lot of holes are so frustrating, I would like to be able to practice in order to see what works.

Neverputt is the most awesome mini-putt game ever.  At the very least, please make it better by being able to change the camera angle, even minimally.  Please, please put it at the top of the TODO list!

Thanks for any help!

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Re: Neverputt Irritations

Brief guide to convincing developers to add a feature, chapter 1

  • Don't call them irritations. Call them wondrous improvements.

  • Don't explain why you don't like it now. Instead, explain why everyone would like it better later.

  • Don't ever begin a sentence with "How hard would it be..."

  • Don't suggest two features in a single point.

  • Don't use the imperative mood. Always make it a hypothetical situation.

  • Don't repeat 'please' twice in a sentence.

  • Don't ask to put something on the top of the TODO list.



Re: Neverputt Irritations

Actually, when it comes to being able to adjust the camera angle, I would put this into the "why in the world hasn't this been done yet? category, rather than "what a wondrous improvement this would be!" category, as if no one had ever thought about this feature, and posted a request  before!

And, since I'm not a programmer, my question about "how hard would it be" was posited as an inquiry as to the difficulty from a programmer's point of view of being able to program a feature which to me seems like a basic requirement from a gamer's point of view, not as an insult.

Any thoughts as to when we might see the inclusion of this "wondrous feature" which I'm sure anyone who enjoys this game as much as I do, would appreciate?



Re: Neverputt Irritations

I was kinda joking, but I did want to make a point: try to explain why the feature would improve overall the experience of every player. Sorry if my jokes were mistaken as an insult.



Re: Neverputt Irritations

Thanks for chiming in aivas33!!

It's a good reminder, but alas, we are understaffed here and neverputt (for better or worse) is kind of low on the totem pole as far as priorities go. Neverball tends to get the lion's share of development time, which is already a scarce commodity.

Requests and observations noted and they're here in the forum for reference.
Glad you enjoy the game!