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When I was new to Neverball and I didn't even know about the existence of a forum, I used to search in You Tube those few videos that explained how to finish levels. (I know, this is spoilering, but most of us want some help sometimes ;-) ).

I am aware that a few of us has already been uploading videos, and I thought that it would be great if Neverball had a place to reorganize video content.

To be clear: I don't want this to become official. I wanted to make an unofficial channel on my own, but I also thought that this is something you might be intersted in, so I opened a thread.

Whoever wants to partecipate, just let me know.



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Even if this topic didn't receive any reply, I thought that I should mention that I finally got a few time to actually start this channel.

I recorded and edited the first video (Medium #1) and published it on the youtube channel Youtube.com/NeverballYT, you can watch the video here.

I would be glad to know if I could use replays performed by others here in the community (of course crediting the authors).

Also, whoever wants to partecipate, just let me know smile


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Re: Youtube channel

It is an excellent idea
What happened to the first video? The one had all your levels

¿what´s up? *Gus