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I'm gonna put your last post in the wiki tongue

@Intelp4, I want to encourage you to stick with it as well. vidski's course is (IMO at least) the crown jewel of neverputt and he's given you a great pep-talk. I have noticed that you have been wanting new courses for neverputt for some time now. As a community, we all benefit when someone takes an interest and devotes the time needed to create some new levels or courses. I can also say that it is a very rewarding experience, although it's understood that it's hard to come upon enough free time to make it happen.

ht-never serves as another example of someone who had to persevere to get radiant going, and he just completed a NB set of 25 levels!

BTW, if your OS supports netradiant, I recommend it over GTK. parasti has created a game pack and other assets for it which make mapping a lot easier. Plus it's maintained and thus more functional I think.

Do it!

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Re: New courses for Neverputt

Do you have any new courses vidski?

vidski wrote:

no no no,  no giving up. I probably spent over a week reading tuts and learning the things necessary just to make the most basic test level.  Your 2 day attempt will not suffice!    tongue

Think of how proud of yourself you would be when you finally got it.  Of course you will get frustrated,  thats how I can tell you really do want to start making levels.  You ever get frustrated over something you really didn't care about?

If you are having trouble,  just post it.  Ask questions, describe the issue,  take screenshots,  copy outputs, don't be afraid to ask the smallest, most detailed, seemingly worthless question.  These guys here in the never-community are great.  As long as you keep trying,  they will go well out of their way to help you with even the smallest issue.  I love working with these dudes, wish I had a team like this at my regular daily job.    big_smile

Nobody expects you to be a pro mapper right out of the gate.  The entire process, from start to finish, is a learning experience. 

Take a look at my course for example...  The first 4 or 5 holes basically suck.  lol.  Simple as that.  I was a beginner, and you can tell I just pulled prefabricated curves right out of daves sample pack, and built the rest of the level around them.  Moving on to holes 6-10,  I begin to realize hmmmm, I'm kinda getting into the whole mapping thing...  I was becomming more comfortable using radiant, and it was time to learn to use the curve tool myself so that I could rely solely on my imagination for level ideas, and build them from scratch........  I'm sorta getting away from the point here I think.   hmm

Don't be afraid to ask questions.  If you give up, then you have allowed your frustrations to get the better of you.  Channel your frustrations, and re-focus them into the drive to figure it out.  If you can accomplish this,  mentally...   your mapping "problems" will instantly turn into mapping challenges.  Making neverputt levels will become 10x more fun for you than playing neverputt.

When was the last time I opened radiant and played around with some level ideas???
About 37 days ago.

When was the last time I actually played through a neverputt course??
..........    2008.....   maybe?....    lol

lol  lol  lol  lol  lol


Re: New courses for Neverputt

I'm developing a new course, Intelp4. It will be ready in 2-3 weeks.



Re: New courses for Neverputt

Thank you so much!!

ht-never wrote:

I'm developing a new course, Intelp4. It will be ready in 2-3 weeks.