Topic: Jambalaya course?

Can I play it on the latest Neverputt? I downloaded the .rar file, but can't get it to work.


Re: Jambalaya course?

Here's an updated archive.

Welcome... to the Nevergalaxy!
(and also Neverputt Calendar)


Re: Jambalaya course?

I'm compiling the very newest version of Neverputt, which includes Golf Jambalaya.

Here are all of my level contributions. Please test and give constructive criticism.


Re: Jambalaya course?

Lol.  Infamous. My wack-job of a putt course has become so bitter-sweet as to earn the rank of Infamous! Totally worth it.  big_smile

To be honest though, you guys did an exceptional job at preserving the course. It looks great. I am sorry that I had to leave so abruptly, and for such a long period of time. There were indeed a few additions I had planned, mainly aesthetics, as well as one or two very minor changes that were intended. Drove me nuts!  On the other hand you've done such a great job polishing it up that it would be difficult to improve upon.

My sincere thanks to tones for his massive overhaul in bringing it up to date, and of course parasti, csy and all others I'm sure had a part in it. It certainly was an original course, no doubt about that.   wink


Re: Jambalaya course?

Yo vidski..
I thought you'd never return. I'm pleased that you like the "new-and-improved" version.
I think it's one of neverputt's crown jewels. haha