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just stopped by at the nevertable and noticed that there's something going on that shouldn't be ignored...

according to elviz, protonspring is back in the regular contest by using the moniker "ocd" and posting illegitimate replays, and then there's protonspring telling that he has already got "ocd" on "his list of hackers" for being almost as good as elviz...

sounds ridiculous in a way - but having read the whole "accusations-thread" from back then I certainly understand where all the distrust and hatred comes from. considering that we all want to take part in a fair contest it would be important to clarify these new accusations or at least to find a good solution to this situation. right now it sucks. 

Any ideas what to do with it?


Re: something to take care of

Let's just say that these are neither "accusations" nor are they "new". It's just the first time it's been said publicly. There is also no good solution to the situation.

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Re: something to take care of

I know that there's no easy or good solution to that but ocd is currently holding about 50 records which is quite a lot... so it's time to make decisions once again: http://forum.nevercorner.net/viewtopic.php?id=2224

and if it proves to be the same with ocd as it was with monarch the only consequence would be to behave in the same way, and if not, ocd needs to be publicly acquitted of all that!

btw. what is protonspring's investigative tool for analyzing replays (http://forum.nevercorner.net/viewtopic.php?id=2193)  all about - anybody tried it out so far? unfortunately I have too little technical understanding myself...


Re: something to take care of

Unfortunately, it is trivial to modify neverball to play at a very slow speed, and the replays saved are completely legitimate.  It would take substantial work to Neverball to fix this, which even if someone was willing to code up kinda conflicts with the open source model and won't likely ever happen.

I have studied replays like no other and have come to my own conclusions.  Unfortunately, you can't tell the difference numerically between normal replays and ones created with a hacked version (playing like at 1/2 speed or something).  You've never wondered why a only a handful of players seem to have super-human reflexes/skills?

Solution for the contest?  It's not ideal, but the only solution I see is to publish how to slow down the game, or make it a configuration parameter or command line switch, and allow players to use whatever speed they like.  At least then everyone will be on the same field.  I'm sure there will be many who disagree, but this is the best I can come up with.


Re: something to take care of

Yes, ocd is protonspring.