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Topic: Better Stroke limit per hole + patch

The arbitrary limits of 12 or par + 3 don't make much sense.
For example, Tricky Golf 14 has a par of 17.  The +3 limit gives
almost NO room for error (The hole is already hard enough).

I believe the max could scale much better according to the hole difficulty.
Double-Par is just one alternative, which I prefer and have coded up.

This also makes the code more simple. 

EDIT: removed posted patch.  Better patch in the developer forum.

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Re: Better Stroke limit per hole + patch

Needless to say, I was the one with the initial idea of the par based stroke limit. Quite frankly, I feel the [par + 3] isn't quite enough, either.

With the double par formula, it causes lower par holes (pars <6) to have a lower cap. But frustration may necessitate it anyway, so I feel this may improve usability.

The current formula still allows for longer holes to be designed. Back in the ancient 1.4.0, the cap was a flat 12.

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Re: Better Stroke limit per hole + patch

I'm not sure the lower cap (like 4 for a par 2) would annoy people.

Me thinks, that if someone takes more than 4 strokes for a par 2 hole, they might be grateful to move on.


Re: Better Stroke limit per hole + patch

I'm probably a bit too aggressive, but I also posted alike thread in the developer forum, just to make sure everyone sees it that is more involved in the code.