Topic: monarch's activity on the Nevertable

Some members of our community have given multiple clues leading to the conclusion that monarch has been cheating by uploading falsified replays. Moreover, he has been identified as another user of the table, protonspring, who was already exposed as a cheater.
So all of his replays has been removed from the contest (set as personal), and all waiting for a validation has been deleted.

Proofs and clues include:
- We found anomalies on some of monarch's replays.
- Some of the monarch's replays were carbon copies of protonspring's ones.
- The Nevertable statistics Web application informed us both users had the exact same system configuration.
- Both users often logged in at the same time on the Nevertable and/or the Neverforum.

Some members of our community think all of his (protonspring/monarch) replays should be deleted, the account deleted and the email adresses banned. I may agree with them, but not all of us share this opinion.


Re: monarch's activity on the Nevertable

Ha Ha!  This is hilarious!  Monarch is not me, but I've shown my replays to everyone around here, and many of us use the same machine.  Monarch could figure out how to cheat if he wanted to, so it wouldn't surprise me if he was.  At least I'm not alone anymore.

fwiw: I would like to know what the replay anomalies were are so I can add them to my replay analyzer.