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Topic: Nevertable bug with regard to replay times?


I've uploaded a test replay with a time of 2.28 seconds (time field in the header=228). In the table, the time is correctly listed as 0:02''28.

However, when I re-download the replay file, the time field now contains the value 227 which results in an incorrect time being displayed by Neverball and Nuncabola.


Re: Nevertable bug with regard to replay times?

Of the current contest records, the following seem to be affected by this 0:00''01 time discrepancy:


Re: Nevertable bug with regard to replay times?

You point something really serious.

There was very bad mess in upload processing. I read all header, modify it to change name of player, then rewrite it before keeping it on the server. I have to read and write all header because string length of player name is not fixed.

The very bad idea I had is to convert timer to the unit I use in database in my temporary struct. Floating arithmetics' accuracy do the rest: timer value is altered in the process.

I've just fixed it, you can test it again, timer keeps same value upon upload retries now.

Here the diff : … athrev=194

Bad news: all the records you list have the problem. Not sure about the best way to fix that ...


Re: Nevertable bug with regard to replay times?

Can't you manually go in and tweak them to the correct value?

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