Topic: Cannot post records.

It appears that my record has somehow not been published. At first I thought that this was because, for some reason, my replay has not passed the validation process (even though it is a fair record and I waited several days).

This appears to not be the case. The latest replay is 27 days old, which leads me to conclude that either the submission process is somehow broken, or the validation process is not functional (or the Administrator is very busy - in which case my apologies).

It is worth noting that I have tried submitting the record a second time (after waiting a couple of days). I should also mention that my first replay submitted was under the name MIHAI (my first name), and not my username. The second time I renamed the record to coincide with downloaded ones' structure.

I am looking forward to having the record table back on track.

Hey, I might also mention that after 3 hours of work I managed a 15.95 seconds most-coins run on retour de force -19 (dare I say it is a joy to watch). Partly to keep the competition going, but mostly for the fame and the money (all 152) wink

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Re: Cannot post records.

It is very possible all of the administration might be "away from home" without internet access. Thus, no validation can be done until at least one of the members return to operation.

Welcome... to the Nevergalaxy!

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Re: Cannot post records.

Your replays are still in the submission queue (which is public), which means our only record moderator (mym) has not looked at them yet.  If they were deemed invalid, you would probably get a notification about it.

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Re: Cannot post records.

Thank you very much for the quick reply- I wasn't even aware of the submission queue. Now the only thing left is to apologize to mym for submitting the same record three times- one accidental.
Sorry mym. sad
Oh dear, five times. I'm so sorry sad sad


Re: Cannot post records.

Sorry elfakyn, I was on holidays for 12 days and I had no Internet access. Your record is now validated.

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Re: Cannot post records.

No problem, thanks again.
I appreciate it when members and staff are very helpful on a forum.
I hope you have enjoyed your holiday.