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Topic: Playback instructions

Nevertable front page wrote:

Replays are stored into your neverball directory, in which you have to copy downloaded replays in order to watch them. Under GNU/Linux and other unix-like systems, you need to copy replays in "$HOME/.neverball/".

I was sure I had mentioned this a long time ago, but maybe not?  Here's my suggestion:

I wrote:

You can watch a replay by clicking the download link and opening the file with Neverball (e.g. neverball.exe on Windows).


Re: Playback instructions

It seems there is a bug with the updating of the text content of the Nevertable, thus I cannot update the text you mention yet. I'll see with shino and then add your suggestion.


Re: Playback instructions

Shino did a quick fix that worked, the speech is updated. Thx for your suggestion parasti.


Re: Playback instructions

Actually I meant to suggest that the quoted paragraph be replaced entirely, I see the new text has only been appended to it.


Re: Playback instructions

Oh, right, copying replay files is now useless.
It is done.


Re: Playback instructions