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The tables in New posts/Active topics/Unanswered topics pages are corrupted.  There are 4 headings, but only 3 columns, and the "last post" links are in the "forum" column.


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I can't reproduce this bug at all... I recently updated punBB so it's possible I mess up with css or something, but have you tried to empty your browser's cache just in case ?

Are others experiencing this problem ?

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Just tried clearing the cache, didn't help.  Also tried disabling Adblock, Greasemonkey and Stylish extensions, still didn't help.  tongue  (Edit: in fact, I ran Iceweasel in "safe mode" to make sure it's not caused by browser settings.)  Here's a screen shot, by the way.


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That is a strange anomaly parasti. I'm not encountering it, either. (Firefox 3.0.10 Win32)

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When my CSS gets screwy, it usually doesn't keep that much formatting, but FORCE refreshing the page works everytime.

Hold down cntrl+shift while hitting the refresh button. That should hopefully fix it.

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I believe that's the same as Ctrl+Shift+R, which I already tried.  Thanks for the suggestion, though.


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Happens with the "Lithium" and "Sulfur" styles only.


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Elviz wrote:

Happens with the "Lithium" and "Sulfur" styles only.

You got it Elviz: it doesn't happen with Oxygen but with 2 others styles. It's fixed now smile

Oxygen is the only style maintened by punBB team. Sulfur and Lithium are backported style I created from my nevercorner modified Oxygen style (just changing colors). But they didn't exist in the release. So when I upgraded to last release I take care of Oxygen style but I forgot the two others, so they weren't in sync with the forum.

Everything should be okay now. Thanks for reporting smile


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Looks fixed, thanks.  smile