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Topic: Freestyle replay management

With 1.5, we'll have a lot of potential replays for the freestyle category.
Moreover, with the great promotion we'll do for our game, we'll certainly have a great increase of the player community ^^
Deciding which freestyle replays should be kept is not always trivial, in opposition to best time and most coins replays where a new replay beats *or* do not beats the previous one.

The current condition used and defined on the conditions page of the Nevertable is:

for "free style", the replay must be either lucky, unlucky or acrobatic and be different from the existing ones.

Considering dozens of replays can be done for each type (lucky, unlucky or acrobatic) and for each level, we may get a *huge* amount of replays to manage and to offer to players around the world.
(With currently 141 levels, and taking a fair number of 5 replays for each type, this leads to more than 2000 freestyle replays, a number which could be even greater.)
For us (me?) this will imply a huge work, and for players this will flood them when they look for interesting replays on the table.
Moreover, having a single moderator will tired him, while having several moderators will imply some organisation as moderators have to well know already uploaded replays in order to prevent the coexistence of similar replays (using the same trick).

I think we have to think about this issue before launching 1.5, otherwise we'll be overwhelmed.

Currently I see 2 solutions (please give me your opinion, your other solutions):
1. being very exigent in the quality of freestyle replays (but hard to assess)
2. moving the freestyle contest management to players themselves (they upload replays on their own account of the table)

First solution:
* could be a guarentee of quality of our table
* but will be hard to manage.

Second solution:
* may imply more free space on shino's server tongue
* may be improved using a voting system, in order to highlight best freestyle replays
* shino has already work on personal replays (if I remember well)


Re: Freestyle replay management

I think the second solution is by far the better one.  Limited space also means that players will have to delete their old replays, so they will try keep the better ones.


Re: Freestyle replay management

I don't have a working system on personal players at the moment, but it's simpler to implement quickly if necessary. Personally I think a vote system can be a good solution.

Concerning disk space I can't keep the current formula with 600MB disk space. I'll probably switch to 1Go or 5Go so we won't bother to post replays.


Re: Freestyle replay management

Another possible solution is to have one moderator per level set... But I think the freestyles should be uploaded as personal files. In combination with a voting system, and some way for players to announce & invite others to check out their latest replay (maybe just the tagboard?) it would be a great ease of the burden that is currently on mym's shoulder's alone.

Having personal space would also allow players who are unable to beat the current record on the table a chance to upload and share their personal bests for certain levels.


Re: Freestyle replay management

I think we all agree on personal records + voting system smile
However shino has to find more hard disk space.
Maybe someone can offer such a hosting?

BTW what about having 3 voting types: lucky, unlucky and acrobatic.
Each player could vote for 1, 2 or 3 types per replay, so we would have 3 replay contest.


Re: Freestyle replay management

Check out for some cheap hosting.

Mac OS X Xcode project & package maintainer.

If you have some Neverball related files you need hosted somewhere, please send a me forum PM/email.


Re: Freestyle replay management

My wife used site5 for her business for 2 years. They were great!