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i have been working on m12 and h09 for awhile and im maddd anyone hav tips or help.....



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v1.4 or the in-development version?

General tips though: Go back and play all the other levels a few times till you can complete them easily. Then retry the impossible levels, you'll probably find that you can complete them now!

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For more tips, just search the forum...  M12 is known to cause trouble for many, many players.  smile


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thx aton ill go back and see wat i can do smile


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o ya i think its the 1.4 version


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is there any actual tricks on m12 or do ya just kinda get a lot of luck


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Indeed M12 is currently a bit too hard, particularly for grabbing enough coins to open the goal.
Try and try again is the best way to success, counting on some luck.
With more training you'll be able to finish it without luck.
For the next version (1.5), less coins are required to open the goal.
Good luck wink

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You should get the coins first, then you can move very quickly to the goal.

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Hi scrawl,

scrawl wrote:

You should get the coins first, then you can move very quickly to the goal.

I don't so as going quickly to the goal requires some luck and a very good timing which are hard to do.
First try to aim at some blue coins then continue until the goal.
Good luck wink