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I am playing the nevermania level set (yes, i'm using v. 1.5) and i am at the fifth level (Oddities, good name btw). It is fun to play but i cannot (or more i have not) finish it, not because i got not enough coins (i know how to get the all of the coins, except the one over the moving platform, but that is another matter), it is because of the goal which i cannot reach.
For the guys which have not played this level you should not read further, because it is fun to look at the level and see ever something new :-). No spoiler-tag, your on your own ;-)
Ok, I had seen the moving hook (?) which comes out of the water periodically. I have managed once to hit the hook at the right time and angle to get into the goal (but it was not activated at this time). So my question is this the easiest / only way to finish the level? At my skill level it is more luck than skill to do this again.
And if there is another way a hint would be nice xxx

btw nice set so far and i like the blinking uh, thwomp :-)


Re: Nevermaina Oddities question

Nevermania is a wonderful set.  And the hardest.  I won't tell how to do it, but I will tell you that there is another way to win.  Of course, I'm not the author, but I also needed some time to find the solution.


Re: Nevermaina Oddities question

Thanks a lot :-). Through you I found the motivation to search for new ways, at first I thought "yeah, another sleepless night :-/". But I found surprisingly fast another solution and managed to finish the level :-).
The next one has to wait, it is to hard the first tries (getting dizzy ;-) ).

Thanks again :-)

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Re: Nevermaina Oddities question

This is an old thread, but I'm going to say...


I did it by bouncing off the support for the Thwomp cutout.