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This level was probably the 2nd hardest so far, next to Level 17, but I managed to pass it up to the end where the timer controls the moving ramp. How can I get past this part? The ramp seems to move too quickly and shortly to get a good start and jump.

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Re: Mehdi Level 21

You have to be speedy to be able to finish this segment of the level you're having trouble with.

You have to hit the switches in the correct order and you have to be sufficently quick (but not too quick) in order to hit all four switches. Once you satisfy the conditions, you will be able to move on to the next segment of the level.

If you continue to have trouble, I will try and post a replay of this level including all of the segments (it has been so long, I've lost a lot of progress and will need to reach this level again before I can make a replay).

I think this is the first time I've heard of this problem for this level. Other common problems include Mehdi 17 and Mehdi 13. In fact Mehdi 17 is one of the hardest levels 1.4 has to offer.

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Re: Mehdi Level 21

Your referring to the final jump at the end of the level, yes? Try to angle your approach to the timer switch so that you hit it *after* hitting the far wall, not before. If we think of "North" as the direction you want to jump, then you need to trip the switch while heading "South." I hope that helps. It'll take a few tries, but that technique is the best. (I'd also use the manual camera for it, so you can keep a constant eye on the moving ramp.)

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I must be referring to the wrong segment! Dolt!!!

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Try to start at the "south" wall, bounce off the "north" wall, hit the switch, hit the "west" wall, hit the "south" wall again, and then use the ramp. It is possible if you hit the west wall before the switch, but I find that often gives me too much "eastward" momentum.


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Ahhh, THAT level.
Wait till you get out the other side. I've always found lining up the jump to be quite a feat.

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Re: Mehdi Level 21

Thanks guys, now I'm on 24, that one is more annoying, but solvable.