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I have discovered Neverball game quite recently and found it really good(and addictive smile) and I managed to go through easy, hard and mehdi's levels up to number 13 but now I'm completely blocked at level 14, how is it possible to stay on the map when it begin to shake in all directions ?


Re: Help Mehdi's Level 14 !

Good job, it is hard to get through the mehdi's level set. The level is hard as all mehdi's levels. But the level looks harder than it is, the platform moves always the same, and if the ball is not moving it is hard to fall down (try it at start and do nothing ;-) ). Just use your skills, aim for the coins or the middle of the platform if its moving
btw use the manual camera, if you not doing already and keep trying :-)


Re: Help Mehdi's Level 14 !

Hi pamaury and welcome to our forum !
I'm glad you like Neverball and you find some challenge with Mehdi's levels.
Neverbe gave you some good pieces of advice, just keep trying each levels, I'm sure you'll see youself progressing well and you'll be able to finish each level.

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Re: Help Mehdi's Level 14 !

Level 14 is the second or third hardest level in the set. The most difficult being 25, the other really difficult one being the level where the platform moves back very quickly (21 I think).

EDIT: The assault course is pretty hard too.

The trick is mainly just to get used to the flow of the maze. Go to a safe portion of the level and try not to touch any walls for a cycle or two (or until you feel the motion as a pattern, not as random vibrations). Be gentle. Start to advance past the holes in the ground while they are still in your way. Once you complete it once (or two or three times), you will be able to do it again.