Topic: Neverball on Moblin

I’m currently working on the gaming aspect of the moblin project, the movement for open source development on Intel based mobile internet devices (MIDs).  We would like to feature Neverball on our builds as this would be a great game on a finger touchable MID.  I was wondering if anyone here would be interested in joining together to port Neverball to a MID platform.

The porting process really isn’t too difficult since the MIDs are using a full x86 processor, it mostly involves small UI/input changes so that the user can play the game using the touchscreen.  If your interested let me know and we can push towards getting neverball featured on the the next-generation MID.



Re: Neverball on Moblin

Seems to me this would be a very easy project.  The changes to the game would probably be largely cosmetic.  We'd need specifications as to how the GUI should behave... in particular how the current GUI is insufficient.

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Re: Neverball on Moblin

I think the first step is to go through the getting started tutorial on http://www.moblin.org. Get a build running in Xephyr and play with the running the game in the virtual environment. To get 3D graphics working in Xephyr you can check out http://dodji.blogspot.com/2007/10/xephy … nded.html. Once we have a running build and a playable game I think it will be more clear on what we need to do.

I've played around with it a bit on a Samsung Q1 and the main problem I see right now is that as you move your finger around on a MID, it acts as moving the mouse AND a mouse click down event.  This caused the camera to continually rotate.   As I play around with it more I'll post here with my findings.