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Topic: @shino: Replay file size limit

I have a new coin record for M23 (1:12"71) but the Nevertable won't let me upload it because it's 2.74MB big.  neutral

Please see this topic for more information about the file size.

Could the 2MB limit be increased to allow for higher-fps replays on the table?


Re: @shino: Replay file size limit

Ok, can you try again now ? I change limit up to 4MB.


Re: @shino: Replay file size limit

Hmm... it doesn't work yet.

I get the following error messages:

  File size exceeds the authorized php limit.
  File is probably not a replay file
  Error deleting file ./ from server !



Re: @shino: Replay file size limit

Oh yeah that's right, I limited upload size to 2M becuase my host php-limit is 2M. I can't get more :s

Please forget 650 fps replays at the moment for the table... sad