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Re: INSANE BUG!!! -=> No more "oldones" replay files...

mym wrote:

If you send all your old records files, we'll have to process them automatically as it would be very difficult to manually attach them to existing entries (with the current right dates and attached comments).
So if Shino want to do a script that compares times/coins in the files with the entries, maybe it's possible.

However there will be some ambiguities as some records have same time/coins for different players.
Thus the script would require a name detection... not easy to do such a script.

No, it isn't a problem. As database is still the same, I just need to upload the file in oldones directory. If some people have kept their records and can send them, or host them somewhere, I'll put them again in oldones directory.


Re: INSANE BUG!!! -=> No more "oldones" replay files...

mym wrote:

Shino, I've just validated an Elviz record (H16), and there is a problem with moving the old record to the oldones directory :

Error Moving file ../ to ../replays/contest/.._0. But record is moved.

So I tried to get the old record file (from Dave), but without sucess kao_sad

Shino, does this bug is corrected ?


Re: INSANE BUG!!! -=> No more "oldones" replay files...

Yes ! wink

Edit by Dave : Even better Yes !