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The Nevertable is great, but there are a couple of small bugs yikes  wink . Perhaps this is a better place to report them than the tagboard.

1. When trying to log in, I frequently get the error messages "Auth failed. Try again..." and "Empty field. Try again." even though both user name and password were correctly entered.

2. Sometimes it happens that after logging out, I'm still counted as online in the "X registered users" section.

3. In the "Last comments" section, the player name is a link that says "View profile of XXX", but if you follow the link it does not take you to the profile page.

4. Some records have disappeared. For example, Wolf is the current holder of the Mehdi 15 coin record, but his record is no longer shown in any lists.

5. Some comments have disappeared. On the page for fH24Mym2 it says "3 comments" but only one comment is shown. For cM12Mym it says "1 comment" but no comment is displayed.

6. Comments of users without an avatar have the avatar of a previous commenter next to them. See: record 316 (Ctoan), record 580 (William Cole) or record 1062 (p0ccha).

7. The user rank is not calculated consistently. Apparently, the profile page uses the number of total records to determine the number of stars while the member list page uses the number of best records.

8. The Nevertable RSS feed does not validate. The error message is "Unknown XML character encoding: iso-88591". Should it be "ISO-8859-1"? As it is, my RSS newsreader refuses to load the feed.

9. The RSS feed contains shinobufan.intuxication.org/nevertable links that are no longer valid.

10. Not much of a problem for Neverball players, but when following the "W3C XHTML 1.0" icon link, the validator reports 253 errors (mostly unencoded ampersands).


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I'll add that it's been a while since the extra-cool function of having "tool-tip popups" of level screenshots, and who's logged in, and recent comments has worked for me on Internet Explorer. It always says that the page has loaded but with errors. Works fine on Safari, though. (But I only use that at work.)


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Oh, I don't know some bugs you told about. Nice to report them, I'll take care of that (soon at the moment I don't develop at all :s )

1. That seems a big problem. Are other users have this problem ? I can't reproduce it with my account...

2. I know, you can also be counted  twice when you loggged in. Don't find why yet...

3 to 7: Some inconsciency with database happens sometimes ( due to some bugs in records management in some strange cases for example). I'll look at it.

8-9: Should be fixed now.

10: Indeed, I've seen that, I'll remove xhtml validation icon at the moment :s

About tooltip, I'm using wztooltip, I've tested it with IE6, IE7, mozilla, konqueror, Safari and it works well....

In general, I've starting to code another php soft using the same base as the table, and I've improved some small things. I'll backport them in the table, it will fix some bugs in this list.

Sorry I don't fix them very fast I'm quite busy at the moment :s


(It seems some problems came up when I converted database to mysql 5 too.... )


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I never noticed bug #1


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For bug #1 : have you tried to remove all you cookies concerning *nevercorner.net ?

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shino wrote:

For bug #1 : have you tried to remove all you cookies concerning *nevercorner.net ?

I don't save any cookies across browser sessions, so that's not a problem. Note that even when I get the "Auth failed" message, it does not necessarily mean that the actual login has failed.

The most common case is the following:

1) I enter both user name and password, hit Return or click "Go!"
2) A message appears: "Logged in! Redirecting..."
3) Another message appears: "Auth failed. Try again... - Empty field. Try again."
4) When I then load the Nevertable main page, I'm counted as logged in anyway

I haven't worked out the exact circumstances yet that lead to one result or another.

3 to 7: Some inconsciency with database happens sometimes ( due to some bugs in records management in some strange cases for example). I'll look at it.

Bug #3 doesn't seem to be a database problem. I think the link is just wrong. Should it be http://www.nevercorner.net/table/viewprofile.php?id=x instead of http://www.nevercorner.net/table/?to=vi … e&id=x?

8-9: Should be fixed now.

Hmm... as for #8, no. The XML character encoding is still incorrect.  hmm


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Bugs #3, #5, #6, #8 and #9 should be fixed now.

Thank you for your great bugs reporting Elviz!


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shino wrote:

Bugs #3, #5, #6, #8 and #9 should be fixed now.

I can confirm that #3, #5, #8 and #9 are fixed.  smile
I still see bug #6 (the avatar problem), though.

Two more things:

11. Replays that have been discarded (i.e. moved to the trash folder) do not appear in any lists (which I think is right), but they are still added to the user's number of total records. This can, and does, lead to situations in which a user has, say, two total records (according to the member list or the user's profile page), but when you go and look at that user's list of records, it's empty.

12. Not really a bug, but since the Nevertable generally uses English, I think that the text generated by the quote function (example) should say "XXX wrote:". Currently it says "XXX a dit:"wink


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#11 and #12 are fixed. I confirm #6 is fixed now too ! smile

#7 is fixed too, Last time it was #7 which is fixed, not #6 wink

Bugs #1, #2, #4 are not closed yet.


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Thanks for your work, shino.



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About #4, the problem is that Wolf was never registered on the table. His record was coming in the table before I implemented registration. Now I can't manage those records, I'm afraid I have to delete them :s There are 46 records with 'guest' users. At the beginning, Ive done a small hack to keep those records even if the player is not registered, but as it was 2 years ago and they never register... That was "Pipo, Joel, Canuk, Wolf, Rg3, Bud, DiTH, Dan, Rod, Cro ..." smile