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Pleeeeeaaaasssseeee I love this game, but I pretty much can't play it with the mouse because there's no way to invert the Y axis on the mouse, and I've been an inverse mouse player since Descent one.


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interesting, im sure its pretty ez to do. someone will prolly have a look-see at the source code soon. it may even be implemented for the 1.5.0 release that is coming out soon.

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Problem solved!

Find your neverballrc file.

In Windows it is in the neverball/data/ directory.

In Linux, it is in your /home/user/.neverball directory.

Open it with a text editor and change mouse_invert to 1

Then celebrate!!!

(This was in 1.4.0 but I assume it is still there on later builds)

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Sweet! Cheers.


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IDEA! Confusion anti-powerup that inverts controls (or sets 'em back to default...) for challenge levels!

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Inverted controls are awesome!

Said nobody ever. Come on now.