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Topic: Nevertable rss feed !

I don't know if there are users of aggregation and rss feed, but Nevertable is now RSS compatible ! RSS Feed is available from here :

You can watch each day easily if new records are posted with this feature cool I know it can be better (it's a bit minimalist at the moment) and I'm open to all suggestions wink


Re: Nevertable rss feed !

Nice feature shino! It has just proven to be useful, because with the RSS-Feed I saw, that two of my records had been beaten.


Re: Nevertable rss feed !

ah ah you see, that was at least useful for someone wink


Re: Nevertable rss feed !

Maybe this is a dumb question, but:

Could someone explain to me if the new neverforum has an RSS feed that isn't specific to only one "forum"?
I am only finding feed links on each individual category, but not on the index page.
I'd like to subscribe forum-wide without having 11 separate feeds.

Thanks!! big_smile


Re: Nevertable rss feed !

You mean, like that ? … p;type=rss



Re: Nevertable rss feed !

thanks shino!