Topic: Hall of Fame for Tone's levels


I just tried tone's levels last 2 weeks, there are very challenging and fun !

I'd like to upload my replay for the 3, which stucked me for numerous hours on my computer. But there is no mean to upload it, as the server doesn't recognize the levels (not a standard set). Actually, my replay is not great at all, and cannot apply for best time (it is more the worst time), most coins (the mini required and sometimes others coins when the ball is in the way), or freestyle (actually the level is already freestyle loll).

I you don't know the tone's levels, try them they are very fun.

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Re: Hall of Fame for Tone's levels

At the moment you can't upload such replays in the table. (It will be a future feature.) If you want to share them, you have to upload them yourself somewhere and give us a link, sorry :s