Topic: need a detail OBJ: basket

I think my new level 8 (basketball game) could be really beautiful with a detailed basket.

rlk: As you spoke about creating new OBJs for my new set, I think this one is one of the most requiered. Thx in advance smile


Re: need a detail OBJ: basket

A basketball basket sounds like something you could pull off with a texture.  But try not to get too "cute".

I'm hessitant to create one-off geometry.  I'd really prefer that OBJs only be used for common items.  OBJs are detail geometry, not level geometry.  To have a high-detail item that only exists in one place in one level runs contrary to the notion of coherent design throughout the game.  An overall-consistent look is one of the most significant aspects of professionalism.

You might raise the snowman as a counter-example.  It IS a counter example, but rather than use it to justify additional instances of unique geometry, I'd rather remove it.  (I won't remove it, I just don't want to repeat the mistake.)


Re: need a detail OBJ: basket

Ok rlk, I understand. I think I'll try to improve it a little bit, like adding horizontal lines...