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I tried connecting using a TV as a display while playing Nuncabola from my laptop. When I got into the Nuncabola options screen, I noticed there's 1x1 resolution available. Since I was very curious what that could mean, I clicked it and then the Nuncabola screen scaled down to a really really small size.

There's still sound. I hit enter and the voice "Select" happens as usual (as if I hit the Play button). If I hit enter again it goes back to the title screen. But the arrows key don't work. No matter how many times I hit the arrow down key, it will always be the voice "Select" after I hit enter, I can't seem to go to replays, help or options. Normally it worked right?

I then deleted the Nuncabola folder and redownloaded it from the website. The settings (super small screen) is still there even after redownloading.

I'm on macOS Catalina. How can I play the game again normally?

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Re: Nuncabola resolution

The settings are stored in a text file called preferences.txt which on macOS should be inside a (possibly hidden) folder named .nuncabola in your home directory.

In the preferences file, there are lines for width and height which specify the resolution. If you delete these lines, Nuncabola will revert to the default resolution. You could also simply delete the entire file if you don't mind losing changes to all other settings (this won't affect high-scores).

Arrow key navigation is based on the on-screen position of the buttons in the UI. I guess it can fail if they're all squashed together at a tiny resolution. Not sure why a resolution of 1x1 is even available, but Nuncabola just offers all resolutions reported by the system (via LWJGL).


Re: Nuncabola resolution

Thank you, that worked perfectly!