Topic: Neverball Ray Traced? (RTX ON)

I liked the version from Nuncabola, but it's a pity that it is based on the outdated LWJGL-2, and there is no such support for 4 years already. The C version seems to me to be more confusing and complex than the Java version. So, on your part I would like to ask for either LWJGL-3 support for Nuncabola, or C ++ for Neverball. I just don't want to spoil the more or less neat C code, especially with additional inserts from C ++.
And my idea is to add support for ray tracing through the Vulkan API framework. And the real one, via RTX. Nuncabola needs LWJGL-3 to use the newer OpenGL and at least basic Vulkan API structures, and C ++ for Neverball to make it look neat enough.

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Re: Neverball Ray Traced? (RTX ON)

I don't think there would be much benefit in converting Neverball to use idiomatic C++ with classes and templates, and it would take some effort. The code is pretty understandable as it is, though I think it could use comments in places.

Porting Nuncabola to LWJGL3 probably wouldn't be too difficult. There's even a guide for it. https://github.com/LWJGL/lwjgl3-wiki/wi … -migration

In any case, you need to be pretty familiar with both OpenGL and Vulkan in order to port applications from one to the other.

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Re: Neverball Ray Traced? (RTX ON)

I ported to LWJGL-3, but there are many bugs. First, closing the Java process does not work at all. Secondly, there is no sound. Third, with the capture of the cursor, a lot of work is needed (I will work on this when I buy a Swiftpoint Z mouse)...
It remains only to somehow add support for ray tracing through the C++ interfaces.

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Re: Neverball Ray Traced? (RTX ON)

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