Topic: CSS not loading when using HTTPS

I noticed that when I try to access this site with https as opposed to http, none of the CSS loads correctly, and the site doesn't look right. Can anyone else confirm? It would also be nice if the links on this site were relative and didn't hardcode the http:// so that it would be possible to browse this forum without the risk of MITM attacks.

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Re: CSS not loading when using HTTPS

just now, in one tab i viewed https://neverforum.com/fmpbo/index.php , which is the main page. in another tab, i viewed http://neverforum.com/fmpbo/index.php and clicked "No Style" in "View > Page Style". the main page of the neverforum looked about the same in both tabs for me. btw, i am using firefox quantum 62.0.

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Re: CSS not loading when using HTTPS

Just open the website including Google Chrome. For best experience, we will recommended using Microsoft Edge.

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