Topic: View of ball obstructed

Not exactly a bug, but something I regard as a design flaw. Some Neverputt courses have more than one level. Sometimes, the ball comes to rest in a location where, with "positioning of the camera", the ball can't be seen. If I can't see the ball, it makes it difficult to line up the putt and to set the strength.

Although it's much less important, it is still annoying when it happens to a ball in motion. For example, in the 18th hole of Reshaun's Easy Putt, there is some mechanism that is always hard to see.  I generally hear the ball bouncing around. When I do catch a glimpse, it appears to be a series of short ramps inside some transparent container. 

In this case, sometimes, the ball will leave the course.  If the ball is going to leave the course, I would like to see what happens.