Topic: Neverputt -- putting a moving ball

Some holes have continuously moving objects on the putting surface. Sometimes, the ball will come to rest in the path of one of these objects.   When the object strikes the ball, it will begin moving again.

Sometimes, the ball will be at rest long enough so the game allows the player to begin the next putt. When that happens, if the player does not putt the ball before the moving object hits the ball, the ball will start moving. The result is that the player will have to putt the ball while the ball is moving.

This makes it difficult to match putt strength and aim to the situation. 

If, under these circumstances, the player does not putt the ball in time, the ball will float off of the course. This makes it nearly impossible for the player to avoid a penalty.

Example: Reshaun's Easy Putt hole #8.

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Re: Neverputt -- putting a moving ball

Map makers can "fix" this via the "idle" parameter on the worldspawn entity. https://github.com/Neverball/neverball- … worldspawn It basically makes the player wait longer. Not ideal by any means.


Re: Neverputt -- putting a moving ball

An odd thing happened:  One of the moving objects hit the ball close to the time the wait period ended. The ball moved, and then stopped. It should not have stopped, because it was halfway down a ramp, with a hard surface.